The Ivy Inn Guest Rooms

#1 - North Balcony Room

The North and South Balcony rooms share a large, sunny balcony. Step through the sliding glass door of each of these guest room and enjoy the refreshing view of the four parks of the Saugatuck square. While they are our two smallest rooms, they remain a favorite. Ideal for couples on a holiday!

The Twin Room is comfortably appointed with wicker sitting chair and bedside table.

#3 - The Violet Room

#6 - Twin Room

The Violet Room is our second largest guest room with a sitting rocker, small table and beautiful views of the town parks, Kalamazoo River and Gazebo in its peaceful park setting.

The Ivy Room is truly charming with a wicker sitting chair, bedside table and a stunning river/park view.

#4 - The Ivy Room

The Queen Quilt Room is our largest room. A true charmer with a four-poster iron bed, hand sewn quilts galore, a sitting rocker and small wicker table and chairs at "Riverview" and Saugatuck's romantic gazebo in serene Wick's park.

#5 - The Queen Quilt Room

{ Window View

#2 - South Balcony /

Blue Creek Room